Visiting Istanbul: not ordinary tea and coffee

If you are like me, you just can’t say no to a steaming cup of tea or to a cup of fresh coffee. And if you are in Istanbul, you will see they developed a splendid craftsmanship around the pottery that serves both brews. At art level. Delicate yet strong enough to face the hot liquids from the summer hot days till the snowy December nights. Don’t get fooled by their apparent frailty. If tea is what steams up your soul and you want to buy some, head over the Egyptian bazaar (part of the grand bazaar). Please do not … Continue reading Visiting Istanbul: not ordinary tea and coffee

Visiting Istanbul: flavors of the Turkish cuisine

Once upon a time, there were no shortcuts. Not even in the kitchen. Once upon a time spices were valued as gold, treated equally and traded across seas and lands. And Istanbul was in the heart of it. Lets nor forget the Grand bazaar of Istanbul, surviving the test of time. As Wikipedia teaches us: “The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, with 61 covered streets and over 4,000 shops on a total area of 30,700 m², attracting between 250,000 and 400,000 visitors daily.” People was taught since the dawn … Continue reading Visiting Istanbul: flavors of the Turkish cuisine

Visiting Istanbul: a maze of shops

I was telling you in a previous post about the estimated number of mosques from Istanbul. Yet, no matter how hard I tried finding such an estimation for the number of shops from Istanbul, that I could not find. Strange for me having an entire post shops related for someone who does not find a pleasure in shopping but a necessity. And still, I am , because you must be warned: shopping is insane here. A shop for everyone, a scent for everyone… no, let me rectify: hundreds even thousands. This might give you an example. Can you pick just … Continue reading Visiting Istanbul: a maze of shops

Visiting Istanbul: among beautiful humans

Istanbul is the home of more than 3000 mosques. So, there was no wonder that each time you turn around you see at least one. Not previously documenting if any bank or religious holiday when visiting I found myself in Istanbul in the last week of Ramadan. A Christian like me, amidst a Muslim event is what friendship and unity means. My God and their Allah, and your god of choice at peace and in union. Do trust me: if planning on visiting Istanbul aim for that week. And I will explain you why: 1. You will be able to … Continue reading Visiting Istanbul: among beautiful humans

Visiting Istanbul: fast, busy, charming

Planned on visiting Istanbul for quite some time and it happened. And since Atatürk airport closed a while ago , landed on the brand new Havalimani Airport. It’s huge, but fresh and welcoming, just like a promise that you’re in good hands. The hands of Istanbul. In my case no pre arranged transfer from the airport to my hotel in Sultanahmet area. But guess what? It was perfect. Their bus system is fantastic: smart, clean, efficient. From the plane to the bus into the city where wow… You are instantly taught what traffic jam or crowds of people really are. … Continue reading Visiting Istanbul: fast, busy, charming

“Widen your world”

This was taken last week,  on my Istanbul- Bucharest flight , when getting back home from my holidays in Turkey. And this time, I will write about my travel experience some kind of backwards. And if you  wonder how is that , is by starting with the main conclusion. The one I was  given on the display from the airplane: “widen your world”. Call it faith or.. sincronicity.. what were  the odds that the flying company’s motto to fit perfectly? So, after the plane took off, I gazed into the clouds and  digged into this message. Each time after I … Continue reading “Widen your world”

Having my cup full

I don’t know how what I’m going to tell you is treated in your part of the world. Yet here, “being full of yourself” is not seen well. Perhaps people do not think of this more maturely and trying to dissect somehow the words. I am talking here about a healthy “fullness”. A full self, in my opinion is a self that trusts in itself . So if me for instance , am full of myself this should be good. Because it means I got to know myself better, got to know both my targets and my limits and that … Continue reading Having my cup full