“If you can’t see me I can’t see you” (part 1)

So he says one day, and disappears the very next one.

Silence, a blank moment, then a vortex of questions….

One, two dozens, one hundred thirty two…. Just stop pleaseeeee…

Now the whole  world is a void is between them….


Still feeling his burning, rough yet tender touch, although they never met…

She can still hear the echo of  his words, in his manly, firm yet warm voice.

A voice that deeply made her feel he’ll never walk away again, and yet it happened. Yes, again.

Strange mixture of  frail heart with stupendously strong in charge to face and solve this out.

This out??? The frail heart wants to solve this in, for him to stop running.

He was wrong: she still sees him with  each step she takes, each conversation she has… each time she…

But wait, what “If I can see you, you can see me”?

Google opened, ideas flowing through fingertips that play the keyboard like a piano of her emotions….

To be continued



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