“If you can’t see me I can’t see you” (part 2)

She’s never done it before, she’d walk back… should she, shouldn’t she…

And yet, quick fingers lead by an eager mind, and thirsty soul, are searching the world from head to toe.


Be fair, focurs right --)

Everywhere…. Over warm and frozen seas, fresh hills, 24/7  and 4 colored seasons… a cyber journey to the end of the earth and back.

He is  somewhere, under the same blue sky and lighted stars at night. That keeps her going.

Minutes seem to expand into hours of agony, no trace, no face, no sign, no nothing.

Nothing hurts each time, each one of us, with unforgiving merciless.

Nothing-ness  blows people away: in, and outside.

She knows that, ignores that, and steps forward….

Maybe deep down  he wants to be found, maybe turning the world upside down, will finally make him realize:  they can never be too far.

To be continued


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