“If you can’t see me I can’t see you” (part 3)

No one said it would be easy, no one said it would be cruel…she embraces it all good and bad.

She asked the pebbles whether they traced down his footprints, asked the wind if he blew him gently, reminding him of her lost gaze.

Let's "orange" :-)

Daily searches, new ideas, nothing comes back… odds are not on her side, but she knew that.

Silence is deafening loud and an e-mail “ping” could save it all.

When sleeping she reaches him, finds her peace, and awakens more powerful, assured that he’s there, just waiting to be found.


When was this frenzy unleashed?

Not even she knows… eternity is made from thousands of clicks, answers waited from across oceans, from people whom she never met.

She wonders what if a total stranger will help her find her stranger? Wouldn’t that be strange?

Fate proved her that strange is not the tool, but possibility surely is …if it wasn’t for fate they wouldn’t have ever known of each other’s existence…

There… there would be joy, tears, hope, despair, hope again, and struggles… but no giving up allowed for the brave girl.

Such perseverance will finally win… days, months, years, who invented those? She’s not keeping track…

She, he, fate: at which exact turn will they bump into each other in this life’s turbulent, still enchanted maze?

Let loose and imagine....

And she keeps on telling and writing the story down…


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