Learning to take the jump

“Where am I?

Anybody… mom, dad, big sis? Where are you guys?”

He looks at me as I slowly try to fix my focus on him… We stare at each other… if only he stood still for a minute for me to take the shot.

Handsome greenish fellow!

“Hey, a little respect here!

Can’t you see I got lost? And easy on that big eye that you keep on moving closer and closer to me…. I can jump whenever I want. “

I took a bit of distance since my feet got cold in the wet grass, and I can almost hear him whispering to himself:

“Geez, mama always told me not to play on roses when damp wet… it’s like water skiing, only that I haven’t learned to do that yet…I should have kept on playing in the pansies… How can I slip so badly on this banana colored rose??”

And he sighs… that was definitely his sigh…who would have imagined a bug can do that?…

I can see his little feet stepping the rose one half millimeter at a time, looking for a dry patch to make his saving jump.. he knows that his fellows are down there, in the grass near the pansies, looking for him.

“I can do it, just need this huge drop from my feet to stand still… I’m taking the jump… nowwwww……”

Can’t see him anywhere, he’s so crisp and green, so easy to be confused down there.

I need to find him, cause no moving allowed until then… I wouldn’t bare to crush the little fellow by mistake.

And there he is: landed on my red rubber slipper… clever boy: no chance of water skiing on me though.

I watch him, his eyes enlighten when seeing the pansies, and he jumps, one time,  four times… he’s home now…

I can only imagine the joy….


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