The gate

Maybe all you can  see is a dull photo of some ancient gate…it’s not your fault.

And it’s not even my fault that  I can show you how it feels when it closes down, with squishes animated by old ragged wood.

Every sound  and vibration proves you that this is a one way road : down, closing.

Fairy tales say that when a gate closes a window opens… really?

My lenses found no window,  no fairy in the dull photo- why and who are we trying to fool around?

I wonder if you ever spotted the green hills behind… maybe not since the certainty of the sultry gate shutting is so menacing to your so said freedom and feelings.

And the clouds, (“yeah, what clouds???”)

I believe you may have missed seeing them, but I bet  you kind of  felt trapped inside: yes,  there were the clouds, you, and the gate.

Perhaps, but only  perhaps, from a window far away, those hills do  shine in an optimistic light.



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