Would you prefer  a physical touch, a musical one, or maybe a visual one?

What is the thing that gets to you when a bit down, a bit less brave than usual?

You know, you too little, the world too large, not enough of this, not enough of that, etc.

Even the toughest beings have their weaknesses… see the lion’s wet eyes when guarding over his cubs.

If the king indulges in these moments, I suppose we all are allowed to.

When the Silk Acacia tree was bathing in the pre-dusky golden light, I wondered what got to me more…. Him dancing in the sheer breeze or the touch of his little silky fingered leaves on my skin.

There’s a point in naming him the Silk Acacia tree…I touched him, even wondering if he too would feel my warmth.

Did you know that when cold, rainy and at night his leaves shut into themselves?

I was offering him my warmth, while his fingers were gentle and cool… an out of this world sensation…. Their dance from that night alleaviated the burning heat from that arid summer day.

And afterwards you sigh, and realize that yes, happiness is easy, we just need to let it be.


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