My wicked magician

Midnight, sleeping.

Awkward dreams in a captivating fragrance, dreams of me writing about it..

Eyes opened suddenly… 1.21 A.M…. what is that smell?!?!?!? I can almost feel his presence.

What did I put on my night table last evening? It’s him… so powerful, yet so delicate, and mystifying sensual…

I can keep on with the adjectives, cause  emotions are rapidly flowing in.

Can you hadle this?

It smells exactly like in my dream, it stops for a minute and I close my eyes, turn my back on him and try falling asleep again.

Not a chance…this is not the kind of scent that allows you to turn your back at …once he chooses you, there are two ways: for you to wear him or reverse.

Trust me on this one: he can wear you and run your world from the very capsule where he is apparently enclosed.

He’s a wicked magician… he worked with my chemistry in order to spellbound  me, and succeeded.

Otherwise, who would stay eyes wide opened  in the dark of the night, in anticipation of his steady breeze?

Angel… tricky name…. not so innocent at all, too warm and sensuous,  so deep in your senses and mind, a statement that he will haunt you for life.

He’ll shamelessly track you down and have you back, always. Don’t ever doubt that.

He’ll envelop each of your cell in a heavenly mix: chocolate,musk, amber, tonka, patchouli…making you ready to be devoured.

Slowly falling asleep again.

Morning, 5.40 A.M- he’s there: the dark fallen angel from midnight turned into an innocent blue angel at dawn.


Forever Angel enchanted



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