Palette of impressions

Roses and edgy fortresses of ancient worlds- both protective of their universe.

That’s all that my 18-105 mm eye is able to catch and send to the sensor.

But I am there, my sensor is one of a kind, my lenses so  finely tuned,  that I found that this place.

It has been living  inside me for years long and now it’s the first time I have it materialized in front of my eyes.

The edgy old shelters… pieces and pieces of us, of our structure of ideals, goals, ambitions, promises to self. You see, they are rotten here and there . Those are our flaws, weaknesses and gaps.

The roses, silky petals like feelings, and thorns for self defending… for the outer  world.

Would that be all? Let’s check the atmosphere… a golden veil of silky silence.

All that’s in between is what really matters: the sensations, the beauty… they say is in the eyes of the beholder.

I say it’s in the heart, cause from in there  we choose the color palette in which we are painting our lives  in.

I’m not making mine in precise strikes of colors, nor under cold studio controlled light.

I’ll join commas of yellows and  electric blues, to  recreate my  perfect color touch, under my own lights…

Thousands of impressions of beauty  in even the  smallest of the things will offer me a painting of a beautiful living.

Are your canvas ready too?


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