Catching light

Catching light, catching energy…

Only looking at her, one  can almost feel the joy… and maybe anticipation?

Chasing light

Maybe some fear for another dry, no- rain day.

Despite all these, she chases each move the sun makes on his arena today.

Stretching her neck all way:  would it be for his light, or for haunting some possible clouds behind his back?

I could bet on the second option, cause she really enjoys some wet shadows in her so short life.

If she spotted one fluffy guy  on the sky, maybe she’d dance a little in her green dress, wink her lovely brown eyes, and convince the fellow to do anything for her.

But not today, not her day, and she tries not to be so attractive for the sun:.

Though mission since having her skin in his color, seems addictive to the hot ball of fire from millions of miles away.

She always thinks tomorrow is another day… but is it a certainty tomorrow even  exists for her?….


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