Up we go

Convincing someone on a boiling hot summer day to climb dozens of steps to un unknown target can be quite a task.

When our bodies are not at their highest comfort level, the self protecting inner voice comes out of her shell. She’ll desperately try to talk the mind out of it.

This is what I knew for sure.

That day was melting hot, and only the view of the sun burnt steps was a challenge.

There were promises of shadows, cold lemonade or vanilla ice-cones if I stayed down, sheltered by the lovely houses from the bottom.

Up or down?

And still, step by step I managed reaching the top… and the view made me think that is was worthy, otherwise this shot wouldn’t have existed.

A photo, even two , a breath of air convinced me that the only enemy was not the heat, nor the rotten cement steps… but my own mind.

From up there, you’ll be dazzled by a boost of energy when getting back, and why not really worthy of that promise of a soothing fresh lemonade.

So, do you agree too that most of our fears are only in our mind?


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