Not easy

Not an easy endeavor at all: choosing- the beautiful destination, or the harsh times until geetting  there.

Maybe this is the dilemma that’s keeping us at bay from even engaging in all sort of activities and things..

Overthinking kills it all, even dreams.

Stops my shutter half-way… what if the shoot will not be good enough?

Stops my pencil on an empty page … what if no one would ever read these lines?

Not easy

But those words are not for me: my photo was taken and my lines are written down right this moment.

That’s because I chose to do something and not get content with mere anything.

Gazing at the shoes, I trace shades of doubt, darken wrinkles just as their owner’s when he frowned his forehead when being at a crossroad.

He also made his choice the morning he enrolled the journey, otherwise no photo for me, no article for you.

And yet, despite  whatever they’ve been through , now they are here mirroring in my lenses.

Maybe they had a lovely journey.

Perhaps they were only meant to teach us that simple things in life are the best teachers one can have or should  expect for.



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