Bedtime stories

Bedtime stories have a special resonance for the so-grown-grown-up.

When remembering these we always associate them with comfort and safety.

Bedtime stories were there to assure you nothing wrong could or would ever happen to you.

Dragon’s surprise box was my piece of story for that night… a night full of oolong tea steams, slightly perfumed in peach.

Not really once upon a time, but more  During the Ming dynasty a tea planter

My special tea moment

I allow my eyes to close, to visualize the tea planter’s cracked heels, his cone-shaped hat that bravely keeps on resisting harvest after harvest.

The work of his rough hands is later spiced up with warm aromas, and enveloped in a silk pouch.

All this for me, the target consumer to remember it each time when boiling water like in a sacred ritual.

My last sip ends it all  Thousands of years later… in the same oolong herbal scent, relaxed, happy and ready for many other stories in the nights to come.

What’s your bedtime story tonight?


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