The 24/7 lesson

When coming to these little stingy insects I really tend to freak out.

Although I so admire the work, the tenacity, the effort….

But if one accidentally lands on my skin, there’s too much, I feel the world suddenly is not enough for the both of us.


It seems though that my love for photography will finally serve as a cure for this… or at least I still hope so.

A few years ago, this photo wouldn’t have existed.

This one had a lot of work to do, and I just came step by step, as silently as I could because I could not have risked of disturbing her.

I so understand that she was in her  environment, that that flower was a piece of her universe, not mine.

The comparison it’s almost like I would have had  her in my plate when at lunch… I couldn’t just eat and let her starring at me.

And yet, she does allow me and my passions to be a part of her existence.

Just  another  lesson from a tiny creature: patience and kindness  should be boundless- 24/7.


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