When getting the blues….

Don’t tell me that you don’t feel the blues from time to time, cause I simply won’t buy that.

Now that we got that one straight out, we can go further, somehow dissect the concept.

When getting to  the top of this hill, to this image painted in front of me, it just finally made sense.

All you need

Why do we say “I’ve got the blues? Why not the greens, the yellow…. Or maybe a modern shade created by our so smart society?

And when looking at the blue sky above, it was so clear: whenever you’re blue, you want to get away, faster, sooner, for the long haul… and the only certainty you’ll want would be the blue of the sky.

He will accompany you  mountain high, along a  hill or on a down valley  journey, soothing and comforting you,  guaranteeing you that he is there tomorrow morning when you open your eyes.

At some point that will put you back on track…

Sitting there taking the shot was so peaceful, so mindful that again I found peace in a such a simple, but vibrant thing.

This yes, until the next blue moment… we are simple creatures, no doubt of that.

Otherwise how could all start and end in blue?


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