Yes, a cliche

We all heard that selective color had become a cliché among the photographers.

So why this one? Why using it though?


Maybe when too bright and shiny, real qualities are diminished, or maybe best stories are the one with open endings.

Maybe you wouldn’t have seen the textures, the depth of the dark corners.

I would have given you an enchanting peonies display, and? There’s got to be something more.

Maybe I want you to guess what’s there, for you to paint the rest with your shades of apple grey, or dark wild grass ones… all based by your current mood.

It’s just like with humans: looking at old’s people wrinkles…never wondered what’s beneath them, never imagined how their lives were til that point in time?

Perhaps  the pink shades of the peonies are like a sincere  smile from the wrinkled faces that  I am telling you about.

In a such a greyish mass of people, maybe a selective color of joy and smiles  is not such an awful cliché after all.


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