A glimpse of “in”

New places, new people, new windows, both old and new.

Windows are somehow intriguing. They are the border between you and another world.

A glimpse from their in  for the out-side us.


They tempt you, make you wonder what is behind some silky new curtain, or  wooden frames eaten by the moths of time.

In this one there was such a contradiction of textures and shades: old vs new, sad vs playful.

Pretty sure that the owner haven’t seen it this way, but captured my eye and my interest, making me going in, exploring.

Windows so resemble to our eyes: you can say so much from just looking at them.

Don’t let yourself tricked by an apparently dull house or face, instead, go look for that sparkle of joy from the window and eyes.

You may end up in a fascinating world behind.


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