In vino veritas- part 1

Remember the simple beings that we are, from a couple of blog posts before?

If too new around, here’s your refresh: we’ re simple creatures, with basic needs satisfied by simple  pleasures, but trapped in a world of speed and hi-tech toys.

The one who was the brain of one of those hi-tech wanders maybe was a child who spent his summer holidays in the country.

The one whose afternoons were playing hide and seek in their grandparents orchards, or vineyards.

Happy vineyard

That boy grew up, went to schools, got employed, gathered experience, met fancy people, travelled the world upside down and reverse.

And still… when mid-September to the end, he comes back in the countryside, to his own vineyard, inspects every vine, touches to feel  each grape, counts each day till the harvest.

Today is the last check-in day: will his questions have as answer a perfectly ripped velvety grape?


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