In vino veritas- part 3

A new summer,  new year, new drops of rain of the same old soil, same vine from years and years.

It seems that as the time passes by, he takes care of her even more, loves her even more, finds his peace in spending time there.

And now, all that love is deep in the barrels, waiting to be set free again.

And it happens, he opens the smallest of the barrels, pours some of the long awaited goodness.

In vino veritas

He studies the ruby color in the gentle autumn day, takes a sip, and shivers after shivers go through his body when feeling the crispiness of hundreds of purple marbled beads. .

The wine it’s refreshing and full of body, and he  almost feels like receiving  back all the love he invested in.

His senses are delighted, he’s happy.

A new autumn which made a  good year, new snows on the same old soil to follow, same vine will be there for him always, awaiting to receive and give some love.


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