A walk in the park

That mood at the end of the summer, that beautiful nostalgia that only the autumnal proximity can give you.

The first signs and smells of autumn make you day dream.

Is it a dream? ;-)

These are the moments, when just getting out of the house, and walking can reveal things that you haven’t seen by now.

Maybe that you just saw them, but not perceived them…. that’s a huge difference.

Wondering around in a park can be so mind stimulating.

You can imagine how social life was a long time ago, when no Facebook, you-name-it-book existed, when people really got out in the world and socialize for good.

Dressed comfy enough, with a little snack, or a book, newspaper and something warm to drink. We can still do this, and in such a peaceful company of nature and alike people we’ll find that relaxation is simple.

Then you’ll actually see the nuances from the park, the statue from my photo, although you may have seeing her many times, without really noticing it.

I myself am surprised by the things we miss seeing when too tired, stressed, busy, or just too exhausted by the cities.

The classic walk in the park could be again, our cure, in this need for speed society.

I just so love it when we go back and appreciate the simple things in life.



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