Itchy world

I bet you know so well the feeling. Of world invading in. Intruding your space, your life.

So dense, so curious, so itchy at times.


And I am even more sure that you cling inwards, trying to protect yourself, to keep bits and pieces of you just for… you. How many are there left I wonder.

Society doesn’t even support you on that… her itchiness created all these medias, one shrewder than the other, all wanting to unwrap you.

They trick you, at times you know it, but you are so attracted of what you discover in or about others that you willingly abandon yourself.

End of the day… devices on low battery, you desperately connected to a wi-fi, to a hotspot, to whatever keeps your addiction nurished.

Sounds familiar?

Perhaps turning them off, turning your back at the itchiness and chill within yourself would be the thing to do at the end of an already rushed out day.

Easier saying than acting. I know.


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