Everyone knows him.

He’s the one whose lights incense first on his street, from whose opened windows emerge a fresh grounded coffee perfume, the one who walks his pet out yet freezing to death… and most of all the one who watches the fishes’ sleep while listening to the frogs rhythmic songs.

He who wakes up early

He’s the one who goes fishing for the silence of the pond, for the stillness of the water… or maybe just to shoot some wonderful photos of the passionate fishermen mates.

He who wakes up early is the winner, the one who survived another night.

Me going to work, you  likewise probably.  All out of bed awaiting for a brand new day… for the uniqueness of a fresh day.

Who knows what  would it bring?

It could change forever when you patiently wait at the semaphore, or when gently smile to  an absolute stranger.

Maybe he who wakes up early knows, and awaits for that miracle of his life… longer the day, more the chances he might say.

Everything is possible if you believe enough in it…


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