Trapped (part 1)

She was there since last week, or maybe two weeks? Not so sure  anymore.

She just knows her name’s Ella, and she has flashes of a life she loved and somehow lost.

Millions of flashes, like snapshots on a roll keep on coming at night when she closes her eyes.

She sees her house, her friends, the surroundings of her childhood, her parents whom she loved so much… loved or still love?

Too confused by being taken off from her bed sheets one morning and dragged somewhere in a school for girls, more like a prison for young ladies disguised as a Boarding School for Girls.

This is the window from her room, no bars , just enough height to take the same decision on a daily basis: inside for fighting to get stronger and get out on the front door, or falling out like a bird whose wings are not helpful anymore.

The colors, the lights and the shadows from the outer world reminds her that freedom and strength are somewhere in her soul.

Soon, another night will come.

To be continued



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