Trapped (part 2)

They told her a year had passed by.

365 days of her existence she will never encounter again.

8760 hours she kept on tormenting and questioning life, people, fate.

525600 seconds of looking and crafting the answers shed needed to grow stronger.

Today she was allowed  for a sun bath.

The walls were so imposing, like they were an extension of the mountains from behind.

But even so, in all this sun, and empowered by so many answers, they do not seem menacing in anyway. She shifts her approach towards them when considering them a challenge.

A bunch of cement could not have more force than her own dreams, could they?

The only thing she hasn’t decided upon by now is where she will be going when out and free.

Shades of doubt darken the serene-by-now memories of the places she grew in.

Would she be welcomed there, or even would she feel at ease and same in the place from which she was taken from?

But no rush… she has all the time to figure that out… or not…

To be continued.


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