She won’t look behind.

Come along, please

She can not accept, and she won’t accept her people being humiliated, defeated, as she heard it had happened.

It’s her… a young nubile maiden, a divine spirit animating the forests, the seasons, the hearts of people from old times.

It’s her, the nymph.

Seeing the light of day after centuries of staying hidden, stretching her sublime yet strong body, smiling… a cold faded smile in the memory of the golden ancient times.

Having the world behind, she spots the other: the one that kept everything alive by sharing her wits, her aim for beauty and power.


Two strong ladies of time, gathering their resources to reconquer the world in these times of battles and unkindness.

If they once could, they will do it again for sure.

They reach for each others hand and they start the journey to enchant everything, to dignify, to brighten the greys of this world.

Who knows where are they wandering about right now….


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