Day 20: An “express” of wisdom

Let’s suppose you’re still not there.  In the Christmas spirit.

Then let’s watch some season movies, or better said, the movie that does the trick for me.

Yep: “All aboard! This is the Polar Express

'All aboard: this is the Polar Express!"

I think it does the trick because it teaches, or reminds  you to…. believe.

Ok, so you’re not a child anymore, but you can still believe.

In Christmas kindness, in some winter wonderland magic… even in things you just can’t see.

They say: ” Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see”.

You can’t see love, can’t you?

And still this is all this season is about: giving and receiving, cherishing it with all your loved ones.

Wonder what’s your meaningful Christmas movie this year.


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