Anticipation in white

Sleeping and dreaming in a deep state of anticipation.

Between the warm sheets of the bed, on a lazy, outside- icy Sunday morning, it happens.

The sensation when after a good stretch you focus on detecting the remote sound from the exterior world and nothing comes back.

A deafening silence, with that special light making way through the blinds.

All signs of a shameless quantity of snow.


Jumping out of bed, opening the window, and there it was.

Fluffiness all around… like cotton candy spread in thick layers  warming up  the branches of the trees.

And the winter light in dozens of shades caressing her softness.


Deep breaths in and longer breaths out…

No birds, no cats, just me and her.

Like she was waiting to fill me up with her sharp cleanliness.


Focus and you  can   hear my boots creaking deep into the cotton candy dressed-up streets.


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