Not lonelines. But solitude..

This photo does not depict loneliness.

It’s a portrait of solitude.


And yes, for me they are quite opposite.


You see, loneliness is a noun as for: secluded, unpopulated, uninhabitated.

Whereas solitude is a stage.

A fire inside of humans. Or the water that puts it off. Or the air that keeps the flame alive. And humans are the ground where everything starts and  ends.


Solitude is something you feel although perhaps you being among crowds of people.

Is maybe that feeling that you need a moment in time only with yourself and only for yourself.


A kind of self sufficiency that triggers happiness and peace without anyone or anything.

Like the ivy… mighty and powerful without anyone occupying the nearby  bench  .


Now, she’s dominating the space, the minutes, a queen of beautiful solitude.


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