Flowing time

Do you think time just passes by? Flies away?

Since I first saw Dali’s clocks I had my answer.

Flowing time



After a while, when in front of the work of a local artist, it reminded me how much I liked the idea back then.

Yes, the idea that time is flowing, not passing by.

One can almost hear it flowing like a river carving it’s way through the wild rocks.

With lessons we learn, people we meet, experiences we have.


Just like a river, each of our experience is a unique one.

There are rivers that own benches with sharp edges, and there are rivers who flow gently, with nothing to alter their course…


Each beautiful in their unique way.

Flowing in one of a kind travel, with one way ticket, willing to enjoy every drop of it.


Make time flow, not pass by I’d say.


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