Who are you?

No, not your name… that’s just a bunch of letters.

Whispered stories

Who are you in this story we call Life?

Are you both prince charming of the day and the dark knight of your princess?

The wheat like haired girl  who  majestically standing in the sun rays simply knows she deserves the best?

Or the shy Cinderella of the shadows too afraid to even look at the prince of her dreams?

Fighting  your way in the pursue of winning your battles, Prince,  don’t forget to be gentle while fair.

Dancing your life like  waltzing in a ball room, don’t forget Princess, that beauty is crowned only by modesty and sharp witts.

Working like the bravest bee of the hive, Cinderella, remeber that without stepping into the light, you’ll never be ackwnoledged as the queen.

Beautiful and pure childhood…contemplating the scene and inviting us all to be whoever we desire to,whoever  we dream to.

If only we dared to….




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