Maya dreams

If only she knew that I came here only for this.

The dream

I try to forget about the burden in my wrist from the voleball practice from last night, but it’s not easy.

Today I want to be the normal kid, the one who gets a  face paint without making a big deal out of it, the one who eats icecream without the coach’s  reproaching gaze, the kid who drinks cold soda whenever he pleases to.

Please young lady, allow your best muse to lead the brushes over my face. It’s the first time for me, and I secretly make a big deal out of it..

When opening the eyes I just want to escape reality for a couple of hours and live the dream: maybe give me the chance of   being a vivid colored  free butterfly,  a careless princess, or a brave lioness…  I’d love them all.

I am Maya, 11 years old, proffessional voleyball player to be, yet a daydreaming child right now.


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