“Bee” there

I keep it simple. Maybe you should too.


I know what I want. Maybe you should too.

I know for sure that random flights  are useless, so I aim only for the golden orange land.

I have difficulties you know, as you can probably tell, not the heftiest bee in my club.

But, if I want goodness I must be around it,  my feet deep  in the polen, savoring the sweet stickiness.

This is the only way I can desire more, set higher targets…and one day..

Oh, one day, I’ll be strong enough to land on the full polen sticks and rule this world.

What about your dreams? Remember: be there, close to them, feel them, have a glimpse of what you deserve and go for it.

Conquring your world one glimpse at a time?

Well, maybe you should.



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