A child’s “lenses”

What does she know? She’s just a kid..

A child's "lenses"

After the contest end, I sat down on the warm asphalt looking at it.

It doesn’t really matter  what the girl who painted it won in the end.

And that is beacause I am too busy in wining some wisdom myself.

I can see through her eyes, that a roof above your head, a freshly cut green grass, a blue sky , some fluffy clouds and a path to..everywhere… can not be equaled by almost anything.

Not as long as they’re incapsulated in lots of love and good vibes.

Perhaps that ‘s why she won… she unwillingly managed to  show as a world of love, and made us feel a part of it.

Simple, lovely lessons  from chalk drawings and not from some fancy device.

Yes, it can be that simple. Shocking, isn’t it? :-)))





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