A man’s world… But…

Listening to  this and looking at the photo I just took I finally feel it. Deeply.

A man's world, but....

Without any shade of doubt this is a man’s world.

Of the one’s who made the  trains to carry the heavy load of his trembling heart to his lover woman or a girl.

Of the one who discovered electric light in order to take out of the dark his beloved curves  in the lonely late  hours made for loving.

Of the one who buys and crafts hopes for little girls and boys.

And yet, all these would mean nothing without… Her.

Whom to motivate him, incentivize him, for whom to travel the world all over and over again.

It’s like her empowerment, her straightforward of even shy gaze serves him as a fuel.

A fuel for his dreams, goals.

For the dreams and goals of the world since…it’s a man’s, man’s  world, just as I said.





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