The comfort of the city. Too much, too suffocating.

Since early years, domesticating of the human begins with a list of  don’ts: eat too much  ice cream, talk to strangers, laugh loudly, talk with your mouth full, walk barefoot…

As for the former….

Hmm… now when growing I so love throwing my slippers  far far away and step into the fresh dewy morning grass.

No comparison to that feeling, no resemblance to any other in the entire world.

You literally have the world at your feet and it empowers your start of the day, it sooths the the hot summer night before.

If topping the moment with a freshly brewed coffee sipped slowly there you have it: the most beautiful mornings of all.

Cutting the don’ts, embracing the does, willingly abandon the suffocating comfort from the city and surrender to the joys of the outsides.

That’s a really accomplishment that will set one free for a long as he chooses to.


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