Just dare.


To be different, to be the unique you, the one who stands out in the crowd.

The colored one, the day dreaming one, the weird one, the talented one,  the-crazy-one as people use to  tag different nowadays.

Do you see her? The hat lady? Headphones on, barefeet, smiling peacefully.

Zoom in the photo a bit, like taking a sneak peak into her mood.

She was waltzing her own tune, creating her own waves on the embankement.

The rest of them were oh-so-dreadfully-being-there, bothered by each other, streesed out when they really shouldn’t have been.

She was serene, eyes closed,feeling the sunset’s golden light reflecting deep down her soul. Her skin served as a  mirror of  that very  moment of  beauty.

She was the different one.  The one that made the walk worthwile.

I smiled then, smiling  on the inside even now.

Funny… how a total stranger from one inch or half world away  can touch one’s soul.

Thank you for being that different when I met you!




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