3 answers wanted

“I see you”,  she said, having a peaceful smile. And she meant those 3 words.

Hello sweetie

“Hello sweetie”, took  the shot, smiled again for thanking the young lady and walked  down the street.


Observing the people around.


Some enjoying their cold beers, or perhaps the rainbow colored popsicles after returning from long mountain climbing.

Some sitting on shiny banks and having a snack and debating this and that.


But so few of them seeing the others, as the little girl did.

Not  smiling back at strangers for any  particular reason once or ever anymore.



Why and when those moments start to get so rare and priceless.

Why people are losing their innate-kindness.


When and why has  a smile being robbed of his innocence throughout centuries?


I see you too.

Wondering, trying to figure out some smart answers.


Tricky, isn’t it?



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