For Italy… with love- Intro

Google this: Italy.

Thousands of headlines  about it, and never similar to each other, never quite enough.

Reading them just makes one thirsty for even more.

When I got there I forgot about writing at all, and immersed myself 100% in.. Italy.

When time stops

I realize it was more than hundreds of photos and the joy of beautiful places: Italy treated me good, pampered me, taught me so many things.

From ancient ruins to chic oisterias, from young to elder, she is imbued with such a fantastic charm.

Just like a mermaid gathered sailors, so is Italy  captivating more visitors year by year, more hearts for her to conquer and to claim as hers.

From all over

After 7 days, almost 6000km by car, 61.7 km by foot, and some more by train… came back home.

Organized photos,  dreaming i was still walking the narrow streets, missing the espressos like crazy and wanting to starve to death only to get back there …

And so starts this short series.

Just keep close to immerse in my Italian experience.











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