For Italy… with love- Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano

Always a good idea to start day no 2 of the trip with Pisa.

The credit belongs to the so famous leaned tower, to which  I didn’t rushed to hold and get a photo with because I was too busy.

Busy learning that straight is not always good, right, or time resistant. We praise an imperfection, you realize that..

Hold it....

Too much of a wise mind needed a gelato , and I arrived  in  Lucca, to wonder, and chill in the breeze.

And yes , a cup of amarena and one of  pistachio painted my viewfinder in sweet pastel shades.

Gelato please

All nice, with a taste for medieval I continued to a destination suggested by our hotel owner: San Gimignano.

Well, here I found that marvelous is with “m” from medieval.

A chic ancient walled medieval town, that was just being showered by a warm summer rain.

As if   he was getting ready for new visitors and cleaned his hot tiles for our curious steps.

Medieval chic

Getting up, up aiming to the sky, Tuscany lays down at our feet, beautiful and proud with infinite hills vineyards and olive trees.

Gazing upwards and on the horizon I understood: clouds are made for us to appreciate the sun that always stand behind them.


After a few minutes of resting under an olive tree, explored the town back down.

The most chic shops of them all… ones that are kept by the owners themselves, old Italians who live there for real, or young people who bring a breath of fresh air with their designs.

Lavender heaven

Yes, you can find a gem anywhere and in anyone- that was the last lesson San Gimignano taught me that day.

Pisa, Luca, San Gimignano… you manage to brighten my day even thousands of kilometers away.









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