For Italy… with love- Cinque Terre

Right from the moment I knew I was going to Italy, I knew I had to get there.

A shelter from sun

And so I did, wondered  to the vibrant colored villages up in trains, and zoomed in down by foot .

Each of them proves that we see in the world what we reflect in it.

An emerald jewel

The pessimist will see the cracks in the houses, the optimist the hope of it resisting for ever.

Afternoon walk

As for me, I saw people going home by climbing abrupt -one person stairs, but  with sea salt on their skin, and under the shadows of lemon trees .


Witnessing that I allowed myself a break too, understanding that peace comes from within. It just needs to be allowed to show up.

A moment to relax

The trip to the Cinque Terre was planned for the last village, Vernazza, to be seen in the golden hour, where time slows down and people…

People from all over the world, absorb the beauty and really charge themselves with goodness.

I learned that in life attitude is the one that makes all the difference.

Glowing attitude

Relaxed, vibrant, proud, … just like you, Cinque Terre.



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