For Italy… with love- Venezia

“Meet me in Venice he said”… and all the watchers of the film followed.

Well at least that seemed to have happened when I got there.

Magic Venezia at my feet, gently unfolding before my eyes.

Oh Venice

One sees it on TV, web, Youtube, but once I got there everything was so different.

It’s shown to me that a good base makes it all.

Moody colors

The support for life, beauty and hope…hope that all will last forever, although all changes in the depths.

Once we achieve this, we can float just like all these wonderful  boats and gondolas.

And way down we go...

Here people seemed to tune into each other so fast, so natural, like a reminder that friendship was meant to be simple and life was meant to be full of joy.



A captain for each boat and a mask for every captain.

A mask for my moody days, a mask for his  silly days, a mask for our guilty pleasures… Venezia has it all, either in brand daylight or   fine obscure corners.

A mask for everyone

She offers  everything and takes small bits and  pieces from everyone’s secrets…

Grazie Venezia… for everything!





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