For Italy… with love- Portofino

But Portofino…

Each kilometer closer to it  made me understand it was worthy of all the efforts.

Resemblent somehow  of the Cinque Terre, but more classy, less crowded… a little jewel.

Chic Portofino

After  a 2 hours road trip when getting out of the car I had my first lesson: a new meaning of “good morning”.

Portofino welcomed me with his version of  “good morning”, one that looked like this:

Lovely balcony

I mean… I was thanking whomever for being able to photograph it so I can take it back home with me. And to look at it happylly ever after… really.

And yes, I dreamed I was on that balcony, enjoying an espresso with some cantuccini.

My only worry would have been not too crack them to loudly so i can still hear the waves.

Waking suddenly up, and being remembered that life is about moving on, and here it’sand it’s one car or bike at a time:

One bike at a time

Portofino is a place of unconventional sun bathing, not on beaches, but on rocks, terraces, the most lovely of them all.

Diving into th green

I saw this and it was so clear that the main road is for sure not the most beautiful.

A differnet perspective

Bearing that on mind I kept walking downwards in the small, coquette harbor of expensive hobbies and habits.


And among them all I found her, and let’s be real… if anyone told you “there’s a rabit in there”… would you have believed?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

She was like in  “Alice’s Aventures in Wonderland”  … and me too.. my Wonderland being Portofino.

I learned that we need to remain curious, not to settle with conventional, to look for magic in everything.

Portofino painted on my camera’s sensor  a piece of heaven…a customized one, just for me.

A piece of heaven


Per vederti presto…Portofino, Italy.


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