Patience or not…

And yes, I am not that…

Patient, of course…


I mean I wasn’t patient enough to wait for your question, wasn’t I?


I was looking at this photo taken in Florence a month ago, and remembered a friend commenting on it, saying that one could not have dropped a pin on that bridge.

And she  was right…  no pins, but lots of people in those cars, people who needed to be in places, to meet others, to solve issues.

And yet, there they were all, stuck you’d say.

In fact it’s a matter of perspective.

Stuck was the impatient one, who got angry counting all the things he missed by standing there.

The patient ones realized that some situations are out of our direct control.

And then they relaxed, and tried to make the most of it.

A positive and constructive perspective: they  made to-do-lists, planned the next meal, listened to podcasts, to audiobooks.

They shifted their moods in seconds, using time in their favor…

All by turning around unpleasant moments into pleasant and self growing opportunities.

Through this perspective, I remind myself that I need to work more, persevere and I will be more patient too.

It takes practice, but walking needed practice many years ago, and there I was, walking on Florence’s streets.


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