If he doesn’t have issues with his size then why would some of us would? With our strengths…

Green power

Just try to recall how many times you heard: I’m not brave enough, big enough, important enough, smart enough… all good enough stuff.

When in fact we usually are just as big, important as we allow ourselves to be.

We are generally our own scale… how big do you dream? Why not bigger?

You see, every day we are allowed to two options:limiting our dreams or offering them wings.

Let’s give ourselves a chance today: we are more than we believe.

See this little fellow from my photo? He probably didn’t even dream and yet… that day he mastered that big feisty flower.

It was him, not a huge bug… he dared to climb… he was the bravest, smartest.. the best of that day.

He allowed himself his best day ever.

If he can why wouldn’t we?

In fact… if we don’t believe we our enough, how can we expect for others to give the vote of confidence?


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