My story

This is my story.

It took me around 1700 kilometers, and more than 30 years of my life to get to Firenze and finding myself.

My story

It took me a walk to Arno in a torrid evening to find her and have everything revealed to me.

Just like life always does: unfolds her plans with you when you less expect her to.

I saw the young girl: drawing sketches on her notebook, pouring her soul into each mark of her pencil.

I felt her. I felt her immersing into her vocation, setting it free in the world.

She wasn’t seeing us, she was seeing and painting her story.

And I had a flash that I was seeing her as a subject for my story, and that mine is in writing.

Grateful that words and photos do exist because drawing a straight line with a ruler often challenges me 🙂

There is enough place in the world for each of us… I felt that. She made me see that.

One single story seen by a thousand people can be exposed in a thousand ways.

There can never be too much creativity and there will always be a thirst for it.

And that point in time is where my journey began.

Don’t ask me where to… I will find that on the way, one photo at a time, one writing a time.

And meanwhile, I will enjoy every bit of it, because yes, I do trust myself.

If I wouldn’t, everything would be lost, and I am here to gain it all.

Thank you, anonymous talented lady…you showed up on my path to reveal my own path.



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