Winter warmth

I love the warmth of winter in the middle of  cold, leafless  months.

I keep on hearing more and more  often that Christmas is not anymore what it used to be.

When younger, I used to believe that perhaps it’s all caused by the fact that now we can afford more.

That people  indulge more  without waiting for any occasion.

More food, more presents, more this, more that… less soul I’d dare saying.


For me, Christmas  is not an occasion, it’s more of a feeling. A feeling of pure joy.

Cozy home

Christmas decorations is like the waking call of our inner child.

I love when seeing adults buying fluffy reindeers, fairy lights, snuggly blankets – that’s Christmas.


When parents help toddlers writing down their letters for Santa, transporting them back in time when they were kids themselves – that’s Christmas.

Santa is watching

Christmas meal with family, in the core of love , where one can feel warmth flowing in rivers – that’s Christmas.

Merry Christmas 😘

We are big kids trapped in adult bodies and sometimes wiser minds… kids that learned to hug their parents so tight that they could almost hear their heartbeat – that’s Christmas.


Having a cookie and mug of hot cocoa, in fluffy socks and slowing down in this fast crazy world – that’s Christmas.

Mornings are for cookies

Perhaps Christmas is the fuel of warmth that we refill once a year to keep us  human and  kind… all until next Christmas.




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