When visiting Sibiu- “La Cuptor” (day 1)

There is traveling and there is traveling with amazing eating.

Choosing  the second one, so no wonder that before visiting Sibiu, I did a bit of a   research.

Out of it all there was this one place I felt the “click” with, and that was “La cuptor” (At the Oven) Restaurant.

And on day one, that being December 29th , I stepped in for the first time.

Do I need to say how cozy and gorgeous this place looks like?

Cozy place

We got there just at the opening hours, at lunch, and we have been welcomed by a nice variety of dishes to choose from.

It was quite a challenge  to decide upon only one, but finally, my cravings for spicy comfort food lead me to a spicy duck with noodles and oyster sauce.

Perfect choice, perfect place and perfect plating.

Hearty lunch

If wondered why the name “La Cuptor”(At the Oven), well because the oven from where the goodies are popping out of is right there, among us, famished people:

“At the oven”

No appetizer, no soup because I spotted a nice dessert for which I went for… a chocolate volcano bathed in a tonka syrup elixir.

Chocolate volcano

This not only completed my meal, but it completed my day and I left the place with a booking for the same hour, same place, the next day…


To be continued


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