When visiting Sibiu


Happy feet to you when in Sibiu, Romania!

I mean: wake, up, dress warm and comfy, pickup your camera and go out.

Happy feet


Morning freshness is pretty unique in the old town center of Sibiu.

Morning walks are the best

A contradiction of terms and images: wandering on its old streets through the colorful buildings with various fresh feelings.


The most intense of them all: gratitude.

For being there, grabbing a warm cheese pretzel or a vanillated doughnut that welcome you at each corner.

Tasty mornings


Visiting this lovely place during the Christmas Market of 2017, and in crisp mornings when I had the chance to see each hut getting stuffed with all sorts of goodies.

Missing Sibiu

From various types of “eau de vie”, as Hemingway used to call them , from a rainbow of dried fruits up to a real workshop made with chocolate made of tools.


Delicious colors

The chocolate workshop

Can you just imagine how they designed and handcraft all these goodies?

This is when passion is the real artisan.


Not only a Christmas market and a beautiful location, but a place packed with warm hearted people, ready to guide, help you and befriend you anytime.


When visiting Sibiu? Now, of course.


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