When visiting Sibiu- “La Cuptor” (day2)

And the next day came.

We were welcomed like old  friends, like family, with our traditional Romanian  plum brandy (from the house).


And lots of laughter and good mood… creating a setting for another delicious lunch.

This time appetizers felt like a “must”,  so beef mallow seasoned  ground sea salt and garlic,  toast and baked chilli.

Lovely meals

That was like velvety goodness that came after the harsh fruity brandy, to smooth everyting up before the main course.

Picking a main dish here is tough, because I want all.. of them… one mouth full of each one..

But since that is not “on the menu” (kidding), I went for their “At the Oven” oven burger.

The king of burgers

Not what we all know, but a gourmet one: when pork is joined by caramelized onions resting on a fluffy baked beans mousse.

Do you get it? These guys are not just .. cooking… they are creating.

Taking lots of time on that December 30st… and waiting for the dessert one more time: a lighter one, but still very fluffy and berry – licious.


If I was to resume I’d say that here you don’t eat, but you “have a complete experience” (place, people, food, mood)

Time  stops, and you simply enjoy everything that is happening to you.

Time flies by


December 31st  as you can imagine was closed, so no third consecutive day here….unfortunately.

But, trust me… my number one place to get to when coming to Sibiu this year, 2018,  is: “la Cuptor” (At the Oven).



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