In the now

And no one said it would be easy and all of them said that none of us will come out of it alive.

Yes , from life.

Holiday plans

Lives that ones choose to live in the past, ones to anxiously live in the future, and a bunch of people  to be here and live it as a matter of now.


Perhaps because their paths have been rough enough and based on that they imagine a future instead of living a present.

Baby steps and short breaks along the road are such a delight.

We can then appreciate the day, the people, get imbued with hope so that it suffices us for the next journey.

I feel people more anxious and unsteady that a couple of years ago.

People getting noisier on the outside being a mirror like image of the noise from their minds.

I feel when i get trapped in this vortex also, but having learned to see when that happens i deal better with getting out of it faster.

And living in the now is great… and will be working on it daily, because .. now is all we have.


Are you … here?now?







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